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HELP!!! Debt validation.

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HI, I have 2 accounts on my credit report that I didn't open. I have contacted the place the accounts were opened through to have them validate that this debt was mine. They sent me back a letter stating that the accounts were opened via the internet in 2001 and closed because they were never used. I want the accounts and their inquires off my credit report. I have contacted the Credit Reporting Agency and they just tell me that the info has been verified and they will remain on there. Please help!!! Thanks!!!!

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First of all, you need to file a police report, then call the Fraud Numbers for all 3 credit reporting agencies to activate a fraud alert. Contact creditors back to aquire their address for their fraud departments. Send them notice that you did not open these accounts also include copy of the police report. The individual creditors may forward you an id theft affidavit to complete.

Also contact the CRAs back, do so by phone and let them know you want the fraud department to dispute these are not your accounts.

Be sure when you file the police report - that these accounts are itemized in the report that don't belong to you. If you want further information read the ID Theft Section here, also check out www.ftc.gov & www.idtheftcenter.com for futher information.

Good book at the FTC site is when bad thing happen to your good name, there is a sample id theft affidavit that you may complete ahead of time to forward to the Creditors. Also in your correspondence with the creditors - if their is an amount owing or a collection agency involved ask them to put their collection agency on notice and to also forward their findings to you.

Don't ask for validation, this is not the same thing, they need to investigate and hopefully share with you their investigation results so that you can further investigate from your end to find out where the breach is - who and how your personal information got used.

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