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Reading Equifax Report


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Just got on Equifax report online. I don't think I ever saw one of theirs before- only pulled Experian in the past.

There is a section that says "Accounts Currently Past Due" which lists all my accounts that were included in a 1999 BK. How can they be past due if they were eliminated in the BK discharge? Also all of them are now past the California four year SOL- wouldn't they be by definition no only past due?

Or am I missing something here?

Almost hate to see how hard it will be to read the TU report! Experian's is actually pretty good IMHO.

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Well, that is inaccurate - so you have your work cut out, first dispute around you say not mine, please remove see what hopefully gets bummped off - 2nd round you dispute not past due, please remove. Keep at them, and you will make progress on cleaning these things up if not completely off.

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Another thing, if you have multiple disputes you may think about spliting your disptues in half - like if you have 10 total - then the first month send 5 and the 2nd month send the 2nd 5, just rotate them and you will have better chance of getting further.

Them CRAs will shut you down, if they deem a dispute to be frivolous, so this way, you keep it spaced apart, so they don't catch on so quick.

You can dispute anything in the tradeline which you see:

Incorrect File Date

Incorrect Assets / Liability

Incorrect Status Date

Incorrect Status

and for the individual trades:

Incorrect Open Date

Incorrect Last Activity Date

Never Late

Incorrect Balance

Incorrect High Credit / Limit

Incorrect Status

And you can just circle right back around - how ever long it takes to move in the right direction.

Remember you might loose battles from time to time, but that don't mean you lost the whole war! :p

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I have eight items to dispute and I've picked 3 to start with on both EQ and EX. Will see how they respond and go from there. Did all of that online. Also sending EX a letter requesting removal of several incorrect names and addresses they had on the report.

When I see the results of those disputes I'll fire off the second batch on paper rather than electronic. Preparing the letters tonight actually but won't mail them until later. I'm assuming that I should send a unique letter for each item rather than combining them- is that a good idea?

The good side to the reports is that my actual credit, once you toss out the old negatives, has been perfect since the BK. So hopefully once this is all cleaned up my scores should look acceptable.

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Usually put all of the disputes in one letter, like if you include copy of the credit report - hightlight relevent tradelines you want to dispute and put numbers to the left side, then in a seperate letter itemize them off saying that:

# 1) I have no nowledge of this account, please remove...

# 2) This account was paid in full, please update balance to zero...

you get the idea, you don't want to break them down one per letter and just start mailing them out one after another - because for ever seperate letter they get, they add 15 days to other on going investigations - and at that rate you might not see any results for months once starting something like that.

If you don't want to include copy of the credit report - 2nd way to go:

Would be to itemize each account out like:

Creditors Name

Account # 12345...

Open Date

Hight Credit



I have no knowledge of this account, please remove off of my credit report.

And so on just like this - always want to be clear to identify completely what you are disputing - the CRAs have ways of really messing things up if you don't.

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Actually - call in your corrections to the personal information protion - that should not touch the actual dispute. And it is very easy to get accomplished over the phone, usually they just comply with out investigating anything and delete on the spot.

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