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Home Wrecker Hits Again


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First, thanks to those who wrote about the quit claim deed, what it was, how it worked etc., as well as a short sale.

This morning everything was blown to *** and our chances of even seeing a penny out of that horrid home we had is gone for good thanks to Household Finance. That lender will haunt us to the day we die and is the subject of many, many nightmares.

Seems although through the BK 7 we were relieved of their totally unsecured 3rd mortgage, the judgement lien will remain on the title to the abandoned property, acting as an impossible obstacle to anyone, investor or realtor, who could possibly sell the property and avoid foreclosure. There may be a way to get it removed, but the money and time it would take is way beyond our means.

Folks, watch who you do business with. Do a search on Household Finance Complaints and be amazed at what Corporate America is allowed to get away with. And they can shove their $271 settlement where the sun doesn't shine.

I've said it, and I feel better (not really, but it's either getting it out of my system or putting my already shattered wrist through the wall). Thanks for reading this and all who have given advice. This board is the best and whether good news or bad, it's great to know there are people here who understand and try to help.

And for now: :cry:

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Thank you for the kind words. We are devastated, to say the least.

Oh yes, we are part of the class action against them, at least the one brought by the 19+ attorney generals of states from coast to coast. Our part of the settlement--$271.00. I'm not kidding. How ludicrous is that?

If anyone knows of any other class action going on against Household that has not yet been settled, please let us know. Even Acorn, the consumer group who were fighting them for years, seems to have given up and now has turned their attention to Wells Fargo.

Whenever a corrupt company, politicians and lawyers get together, a deal is made to impress and quiet the victims. The joke is on the people who thought they were going to find some kind of justice and instead are thrown a couple hundred dollars, as though that will bring back their homes and erase their bankruptcy.

The whole system makes me sick. :x Anyone who has read the 66 page investigation by Washington State, the first of many states to look into the matter, will come out wondering how this company is still allowed to exist. The sad part is that many of the victims were elderly people who didn't fully grasp what was happening and lost their homes of many, many years as a result. Very sad.

A warning to anyone doing business of any kind with this company. Also check who does the financing behind the stores you are thinking of dealing with. One guy had his credit slammed because Best Buy, one of Household's biggest clients, cooked up the claim that he owed them $1.00, and kept reporting it as late to the bureaus. That's how low they will go. He didn't even owe the money.

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