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when is it time to give up?


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:oops: It's been awhile since I have posted but I am trying to catch up with all the posts that I have missed wwhile being MIA!!

My question is...how many times should you challenge something before it is time to give up? When is all efforts exhausted? :shock:

I've been going at it since end of May/early June and seem to be getting nowhere wtih some of these companies!!

I have done everything so far over the internet but am sending letters out this time and probably from now on. Should I request written verification from the CRA with all verified info or do that after they are verified?

Thanks so much. Everyone here is so knowledgeable and I appreciate all the good advice. To think I was going to hire Lexington Law to do this until someone said no do it yourself and use this board. You've saved me money and I'm sure time. I'm just getting fustrated! :cry:

Kim from upstate NY

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Hay, hang in there, quite a few members have hit the same wall, and sometimes they just back off for a bit, but eventually get back into the game.

Oh, and it does help to mix you methods of dispute - to find the best way which works for you, some like online disputing, some use faxes, and other stick to calling or writing in.

If you do get really stuck on matters, then try waiting for CHOD when a holiday comes up and your chances may be improved.

Another thing I like to recommend is swapping the disputes every 30 days, like if you have 10 then the 1st month sent 5, and the 2nd month send the second 5. So that way you get in the habit of spacing each dispute out by 60 days, giving you better odds, instead of resending the same dispute - right immediately (they see that and know you had just sent it in) so it can make it a bit harder on you.

Some members have taken months, it is not an easy matter - just to up and have every thing deleted, it does take time, how much I don't know - think some have been here a year, and others as little as a few months on their clean up.

You have not lost the war by any means, just a few battles, you will make it there. :-)

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