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~ARRRGH! Got the 'frivolous' letter on a bogus acct.!


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Talk bout pissing me off!! Course after disputing this tl for 4 straight months I am surprised it took this long (from TU)

I'm referring to the Providian acct. thru RMA. I sent a Nutcase letter over 30 days ago and had EQ delete the tl..EX went to $0 balance, and TU kept the old, INCORRECT balance. How can TU verify a balance with RMA 1 month AFTER I sent a copy of the orginal receipt (with RMA lettehead) along with the Nutcase letter? RMA KNOWS there is no balance, so why do they keep verifying bogus info?

I sent a 2nd round letter, cmrr, along with the original Nutcase letter, copy of PAID receipt, copy of FCRA rule 623, and copy of my drivers license...I demanded complete tl deletion in 15 days or else....

Should I place a call to RMA and demand either total deletion, or an update to paid as agreed with removal or ALL lates?

This acct. is 6 yrs old so has some history to it...updating to paid as agreed with 0 lates would look better than total deletion...I just sent the 2nd letter out yesterday, should I wait another day or so and place a personal call to them? Any good advice on WHAT TO SAY?? (per FCRA violations).



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