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HELP HELP DOLA not on record????


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Okay, I had a ton of trouble with a particular CA reporting me for a 63 dollar debt. It was removed from EX, EQ, along with the OC mark from all three bureaus.

First of all, based on when the original account was supposedly opened, the darn account should of fallen off this month, but I can't prove it since the CA bought the account.

Since their charge off date was 12 months after the fact rather than 6 months, it will fall off next March according to their skewed math.

Well when i pulled my FICO report this morning from TU, it says "dola not on record", date paid out not on record. it also says that the account was opened August 2001... maybe the collection record, but actually the account was opened in January of 1996 and NEVER PAID ONCE. So what do I do about this?

I have dispued the CA listing with TU 3 different times. Have all come back verified.

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