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CRA's Playing Hardball


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Ok...long story short:

All 3 CRA's are reporting a tax lein that is not mine. I sent the first dispute as not mine with proof attached. It came back verified. I sent a second letter requesting the procedure on how they "verified". All I got back was the same BS...."verified". No additional paperwork was attached.

I have searched for a strong follow up letter, but came up with nothing. Can anyone help me out? I need a good strong follow up letter.

Thanks in advance.

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I suggest a phone call is in order. I had exactly the same thing happen to me. Play by play:

1. I disputed with EQ, thinking SURELY they would remove this erroneous information.

2. EQ verified. WTF????

3. I called EQ, and demanded info on the verification.

4. They gave me the courthouse phone number where the lien was filed.

5. I called, talked to someone who verified that it wasn't mine, got her name and direct phone number.

6. Called EQ back and DEMANDED they phone this woman or I would sue.

7. Tax lien was deleted.

Holy Sh*t! What a frickin' hassle!!


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I guess that's what I will have to do. Thank you.

*NOTE* Anyone have that letter that starts something like....."Verified? How can this be......It's something like that. Sorry I don't have more info. :oops:

Sorry for the troubles :( .

Sis has a site at the end of her posts with a list of letters try that or pm her to get personal help.

Good Luck 8)

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Do you have a recent report - like say in the last 30 to 60 days purchased or obtained directly from the CRAs. Has to be directly from the, cause then you will have a file number - they put on their credit reports which only last for a short period of time for you to access dispute option and dial in number to get customer service on the phone.

Other way would be to fax, least to:

TransUnion Fax # 610-546-4606


Equifax (CSC) Fax # 281-878-1974

sorry, if you are actually needing Equifax, I know Sis has a posting over in the credit bureau section that should have their direct fax number.

Also I have good word that Experian shut down their fax number, two people confirmed this for me.

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