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Fixed problems, strange scores


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I just wanted to share that the problem I had with my old car loan has been resolved. Basically, it was a loan that had defaulted that I settled. I made it clear that I would only settle if they would remove all derogatory info from the report and make it a positive account. They agreed (it took some doing) and now I'm beginning to see the change in my score. I called a mortgage company (East West) and they pulled all three of my scores. Funny thing is, the trade line has been update correctly on one, removed on another and not changed on the third. The rest of the report is about the same. In fact when I checked before, the score was 580 across the board, and now you can see the strange progression which each report:

Equifax: Didn't change TL = 580

Transunion : Removed tradeline completely =625

Experion : Updated to a positive account with no lates = 691

I guess I have to start getting on them all to update, but I'll be impressed if my score jumped 100 points because of one TL :)

Also, do you think it will be hard to have the TL reinserted on the one where it was dropped?

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