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Is it okay to fax a dispute to a CB?


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Sis has list in the credit bureau section for fax numbers,

be sure you use a fax that confirms transmission and logs the date sent.

Experian is the only one which I know of that shuts down faxes.

TransUnion I know fax # is 610-546-4606

Equifax I only know the CSC affiliate fax # is 281-878-1974

Experian's address is

PO Box 2002

Allen Tx, 75013

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I have had most all mine disputes by fax. I keep the confirmation sheet. Experian has rejected one:

We were unable to honor your recent request becasue we were unable to access your report using the indentificaion information you supplied.

I try to attach photo ID and a report number. I am not sure what I was missing on that one but would include a report number and all the information they need to find your report.

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experian- 972-390-3809

and 3838

These are both working and some people say they won't respond, but every fax I have sent they have investigated. I have sent a total of 4 different disputes. I guess it just depends on who picks up the fax.

Did they send you some type of verification that your request was being investigated?

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Sorry MD, promise to strike that one from my list of many numbers. :p

I do have one interesting number for Experian though:

800-787-6864 Consumer Help Line (answer generic questions - not a dispute number).

I did find one sometime back, that I was just going along calling and checking all of my collection of numbers, and by chance hit an executive department - boy they where not happy. Told me they where an office of about 15 people that delt with legal matters, nothing that any consumer should ever call in. And boy did they give me a warning never to call back, lol

Unfortunately I have long dropped that number from my list. LOL :p

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