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Before I found the credit boards, I disputed duplicate med. collections on EX on 6/2, no knowledge of this account. Then found the boards and decided I should send them a verification letter. Probably helped them by putting both account numbers in the letter and saying it appears that you are reporting on the same account twice by changing the first part of the account number. (I am still learning) Sent that letter CRRR on 6/16, I got the green card back. The update came from EX today, via e-mail. One of the collections was deleted, the other shows verified and updated.

My question when does the date start for my seven years that it will remain on the CR. The date of last service, this was a dental bill, 11/1995, the date of last partial payment to the dentist, or the date that the CA got the account. I thought I read somewhere that it is the date of service, since that is when they expected full payment. Does anyone know where that would be in print. The SOL for Calif. was up a long time ago. This should go off in Nov. this year I would think. Please advise. Thanks.

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