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in 1997 my husband stopped paying his discover card bill. i have been with him for 4 years and i have never seen or heard anything from discover or a ca about this $2700.00 until one month ago. a letter from nco came in the mail regarding the debt. i got a copy of my husband's credit report and i see that discover has a balance of $0 and the debt has been charged off by them; the debt was sent to collection in 1998. we have been working for several years to pay off judgements and collections against my husband so i am familiar with all collections and judgements against him for the past 10 years or so. this nco collection is not shown of the report and there is no judgement. my husband (like a chump) called nco and the ca told him he had to pay he $100.00 in good faith check by phone right then and there or she would garnish his paycheck - so he paid. then she wanted him to set up 3 more automatic payments for $600.00 each right then - he said no, that he would call her once a month and make the arrangement for payment so they would settle with him for about $1000.00 less than he owed and she agreed. so when i found out he paid with our joint checking i was livid, but what's done is done. i started to do research and found out the sol expired with the original creditor. i don't know whether this debt was assigned or sold to nco by discover - should i ask for validation or is it too late - did my husband restart the sol? i have heard "yes," i have heard "no" on other legal advice sites. i did send these people a cease and desist letter siting the montana sol certified RRR, but they refused it so i called and left a voice mail for the ca about 3 weeks ago - they stopped calling our house, but sent a really nasty letter yesterday. i really think nco dropped the ball on this - we actually had to pay off a judgement with them (on another collection) in order to buy our house 9 months ago and yet they were sending the collection notifications for this debt the wrong address in the wrong town (where my husband never even lived). please help - any advise is REALLY appreciated. thank you.

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