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Need Your Opinions

Sky Warner

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I have a defaulted Student loan that I have been TRYING to make payments on.

Back in Spet I did a check by phone cause they told me that was the ONLY way I could stop them from taking my IRS refund so I agreed.

Later, after calling the Dept of Edu. I found out that I could just mail my check and things would be fine. Well to make a long story short, they cashed the elec debit anyway and I got overdrawn.

Called them and told them I was having trouble since I was separating from the hubby and told them I couldnt pay.. nothing was ever said.,

Called in Jan and told them I could start paying again and sent a check for 35 which was the payment amount agreed on for 2-27.

They got the check on March 6 ((That was when they credited it)) and then called to ask me to do direct debit. I refused.

Called the Dept of Edu to find out why I keep getting $7 penalty fees now.. they say call the CA so I did.

They tell me that unless I do direct debit they can charge me this 7 bucks a month.

AND they changed my due date on my payment. Now the way they have it set up... I will miss a march payment and its going to look bad.

What do I do???

I dont know what to do since this is a student loan. I sent a validation letter with a Cease and Desist but I dont know what to do since they are working for the Dept of Edu

Any Advice??

I'm TRYING to do the right thing and they are penalizing me for it

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Here's the address to send complaints about CA's collecting for U.S. Dept. of Education:

U.S. Department of Education

Atlanta Service Center – Chief, Contract Services Branch

Atlanta Federal Center Tower

61 Forsyth St., SW, RM 19T89

Atlanta, Georgia 30303

If you're in the Dept. of Education's Loan Rehab program (if you're you should be, unless this is a current loan) when you miss a payment, all that happens is that your 12 month rehab period starts over again. CA's sometimes don't wanna tell you that. I complained to the above address (CMRR), a couple of weeks later the CA called me apologizing and groveling like they had gambled away the baby's milk money. Hope this helps.

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I am wondering how you really are set up with the Dept of Ed, especially if there is a CA involved.

I mail my check to the U.S. Dept of Ed every month. Sometimes I skip month and the next months bill comes back saying that I own the current month and a past payment.

For me, the Dept of Ed has full control over my loan so there is no CA involved.

And years ago, I had my refund seized by the IRS to be given to the Dept of Ed while I was in default. However, once I made all the payment arrangements, the Dept of Ed never touched my refunds again.

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