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Breaking News- Camco


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Ok as some of you know I am Scott on cardreport. For the last 8 months I have been helping hundreds of people with camco. I am in close contact with attorneys, the bbb, and many attorney generals. I also help out on ripoffreport and in fact I am the one that got the link started. Once I posted all the contact info I got tons of emails from that site also. Last week Camco was tossed out of the BBB Care program. Today the bbb updated again and it is with great relish that I post this quote:


Based on BBB files, this company has an unsatisfactory record with the Bureau due to a pattern of complaints. The company resolved most presented by the Bureau.


I cannot tell you how hard I tried to get that stupid bbb care removal. I had to email hundreds of people over and over to get them to get those complaints out and the fruit of my labor has finally been felt. FINALLY I feel like the 8+ hours a day I put in are going somewhere. I am waiting on the illinois attorney general complaint list and I am putting together a portfolio that I can pass off to various newspapers, congressmen, and attorneys on this companys revolting business practices. You can also tell the pressure is being felt because camco employees are posting their misinformation and lies on cardreport and ripoffreport. TO WAR!!!

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