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OC not willing to deal


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I have an old credit card debt, Providian, that was defaulted. I haven't sent a payment since 6/99. It is reported as $2008 balance owed. The CR has Providian only (no CA), but shows last payment as 03/02. I know I haven't sent a payment since 6/99.

This acount is now in the hands of a CA called Lenehan Law Office. They called several times to collect a debt of $3100. (interest and penalties, I guess) They said they will settle for $2100 if payed in full 1 payment. They refused a payment plan. I sent them a "validation letter". It hasn't been 30 days yet, but they stopped calling. (I added a c&d too)

I am trying to pay this debt, but can only afford about $100/month. I called providian and they said they sold the debt and cannot accept any payments. Only the CA can.

I want to pay this or at least show that I have been making good faith payments, but seem to be betwen a rock and a hard place. Any suggestions or insights would be appreciated.


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