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Collection paid but...........


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I wish I would have only found this site earlier, unfortunately I didn't and now I'm wondering..........

I settled my acct w/ creditors, some just within the last week, my question is this.

Can I still contact the collection agencies after settling these payments and ask that they revome the collection status from from credit report or is this too late since the settlements have been made?

Thanks in advance for any answers to this or something else that might help if it is too late?


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Admin, I'm a little confused about the validation letters, they all seem as though it is for unpaid accts not paid. Ant suggestion as to what letter might be best? (None of them make sense to me re: my particular case since the accts are already paid)

Should I actually consider using the one that states I think this is possibly identity theft related if I already paid it? I'm so confused......please help


April :)

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:confused: I"m in the same boat. I've read the "how to" in the Debt Validation section. But as the person who

started this discussion has said, the information addresses unpaid debt. I"m in the same situation where all

the accounts with negative information (provided my collection agencies) i.e. deliquencies, late payments,

char offs, have $0 balances. I owe no more on them, but they are still reporting the accounts to EQ,TU aand

EX. I have less then 4 years left on most of them before they are to be removed, but i'd like to expedite the

process if possible. I'm just confused. Willyou explain to me? Anyone?

Also, regarding the amount of time before info is removed- Experian is so kind enough to calculate when the

info will be removed, but EQ and TU don't. From which date do i start counting? The updated date? The last

activity date?

Thanks for your help.

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