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Need Help Removing Old Charge Offs


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In early 2003 I negotiated settlements 3 credit card accounts,

First USA - Settled $2450 for $800

Citibank - Settled $5143 for $2500

First USA - Settled $6100 for $3,000

When I negotiated the settlements, (the chargeoffs were stamped on my credit report in January 2003) I wasn't aware of negotiating removing negative remarks on my credit report. I negotiated all settlements with CA's. I quit making payments on all 3 cards in August 2002 after a job loss and an effort to avoid BK.

Any suggestions how I can dispute these Chargeoffs with the CRA in order to get them removed from my credit report? The last one I settled was in April; should I wait a few more months?

Thanks ;-)

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So I will clear everything else off my credit reports. Is it likely that if I tell the CA these chargeoffs are not mine they will remove them?

I have waited several months hoping the dust would settle and the Credit Card Companies will have purged my account information.

If the credit card does in fact respond the CRA and shows proof the account is mine and the Charge off is valid, how long must I wait to dispute again?

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