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Registered agents for the 3 CRA's in Illinois? Can't find?

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I have been to the secretary of state website for Illinois, looking for registered agents for the big 3 CRA's plus a couple other CA's.

Problem is, How can I specifically tell which listing from the search here:


each time I search the CRA's by name I get 4 or 5 businesses for EX and EQ, nothing on CSC and 2 on TU.

Could I just call them and would they be able to give me the information?

Plus, what about CA's that aren't registered here in my state, but should be? WHo would I send the summons to? ANyone at their office, or should I have a persons name?

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I have searched through the Secretary of State. I also sent them an e-mail asking for the registered agents of each credit bureau and listed their addresses. I recieved an e-mail from the SOS today. Here's what I sent:

heres what I sent them: I also sent them all addresses I have.

COMPANY:Experian, Equifax and Trans Union credit bureaus

MESSAGE: I am trying to find the registered agents for sending lawsuits to the credit bureaus listed above. I was told that secretary of state would be able to provide me with names and addresses of each agencies registered agent of service.

I don't show listings in our database for any of the credit bureaus below.

You might try the Department of Banks & Real Estate or the Department of

Professional Regulation.

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Have you tried residentagentinfo.com or something like that? It doesn't have them for a few states, however. Also, I would suggest contacting the Department of Professional Regulation per the message to you. Each state is a little different. For many states the Secretary of State is who a corporation or LLC would register with, others the DOL, and then there is Illinois. ;)

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Yeah, I got that link from residentagentinfo... I just can't get specific enough in my search to see if the company they list is actually a CRA...

What info. did you get? Look at your report and make sure the names are the same. They may have several Trans Unions, for example, but maybe only one Trans Union LLC.

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