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Contacting a neighbor


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One of my partner's creditors has used the reverse address/phone number directory to contact a neighbor who has been asked twice to give him a message to call the creditor. Is this legal? (My partner disconnected his phone and got a new number because of the volume of creditor calls.) They are also calling him at work.


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Check out this ca. They even spell out their evil procedures in three simple steps. Some people are just sick.


Here's an section on what they do:

"Armed with the information gained from our initial investigation in Step 1, we mail your debtor a highly persuasive Demand Letter. Written by experienced collection professionals, our letters are tailored just for your debtor, using their full legal name, SSN, citing the debtor's property ownership, business ownership, etc. These are not the generic "fill-in-the-blank" computer-generated letters that most collection agencies use. Our letters grab your debtor's attention and demand immediate action.

We multiply the effectiveness of an already powerful demand letter by also sending "information request" letters to your debtor's parents, relatives, business associates and family members. You can imagine the pressure that comes to bear upon your debtor when he is being contacted by his own family, friends, and ex-spouse, all relaying our messages for him to call us. (All third party contact is kept strictly within State and Federal collection laws)."

Wow they even clain to follow all state and federal collection laws!!

ca's are just one step up from maggot S***. I can only imagine that these individuals are so devoid of life, and happiness that they would become debt collectors as their choosen profession. That or it's slave labor.

sick sick sick

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