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Ok, have a member with a tough problem... ok

Say that a mortgage was quick claim deed, also filed bankruptcy --- but left the mortgage out!!!

It is past the 3 years to re-open the bankruptcy and add... I had heard contradictions as to if debt prior to the bankruptcy could be assumed to have been included in the bankruptcy and some saying not.

Calawyer give me a good link.. I have a gut feeling that this might not work but I am not sure by what I am reading.

Additionally, debts that were not listed on the bankruptcy schedules in an asset case or that were incurred after the bankruptcy was filed are generally not discharged.

This here has my curiosity and wondered if you can add to this?

The site which lead me here is:

I am stuck cause looking at the credit report... 3 in 1 unfortunately I can't make out if bk was assets/liabilities or what, but will say that only one balance shows period.

If not, part two....

I am told the only way to remove her responsibility is to have the joint applicant re-finance in just their name. But in this case that is not possible!!!

Do you are anyone else have something that might help... to remove responsibility on this... or will filing bankruptcy again be the only way?


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No, I have not seen her.. again since I started looking further into this part.

I do know from now on.. having a better understanding of quick claim deeds that I will take it upon myself to warn people away from these things for sure!

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