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Asset LLC


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8) Asset Acceptance Corp.*

7027 Miller Rd.

Warren, Michigan 48092

Bud Says...

Asset Acceptance would easily make the list for the worst. It would be easier to list what they do legally then to count their illegal collection practices. These scavenger collectors, debt buyers, bottom-feeders are all about money at a 'whatever it takes' attitude.

The con-men, liars, thieves and law- breakers who make up this organization would feel right at home in a prison.

AAC's staff of goon-debt colectors like to threaten litigation. Most of them can't even spell it. They are under-trained, over zealous jerks who are trying to con you so they can make a paycheck.

Check your credit report, you may see that the date of last activity has been illegally changed by these desperate pick-pockets.

NEVER give a debt collector your banking or credit card information. NEVER do 'checks by phone' as debt collectors could empty your bank account.

REMEMBER: Debt collectors have NO power and NO authority and should NEVER be trusted. They will lie and cheat you to get at your money.


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