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Can I request debt validation on a car repo?


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I guess the SOL is 6 years for Alabama. Because of the extinuating circumstances involved with this repo, I offered to settle for $500 and deletion, they refused the offer and counteroffered for $1000.

I'm not sure what the original amount of the car was (my CR shows $3257) with $2581 past due. I only had the car less than 1 month and had to take it back 4 times to be fixed (the first time only two days after i got it) I put a $500 down payment and paid one month.

The dealer says they sold the car for scrap. Not sure what to do now. I really dont want to pay these people anything. You would not beleive how they ripped me off. That car was sold 4 time in a 5 month time frame before they sold it to me. I found on www.ripoffreport.com where the person that had the car before me was complaining about how the dealer ripped them off and now they have a repo on their report also. Too bad I only found all this out after they ripped me off.

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When I send the DV letter, what information is considered full DV.

If I request the info below, are they require to give it to me and what's stopping them from forging information.

I would like to have:

-copies of the original contract and documents containing my signature

-copies of the repossession documents

-an explanation of all the fees and cost associated with the repo.

-How much the car was sold for.

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