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Hi all.

Have been using the forums and websites on and off for almost 2 years, and I think I am on information overload. There seems to be varied ways of going about things and I am not sure I have been doing it correctly. I have gotten some good results, but I am thinking I can do better.Please read below and see if I have got a handle on it.

1st step-remove incorrect and update personal info

2nd- some say dispute with cra's first, some say dv with ca's first, now I see 1st dv and then cra when the green card comes back. is this the 1-2 punch? and I should time this at holidays for the chod thingy, yes?

What happens when you are dealing with a CA right now who has not put anything on the CR yet? Still validate off the bat and partial C&D?

I just purchased the ebook, even if I get most my info online, I feel like I should help support the ones who have supported me so much.

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You have to really do what you feel most comfortable with. When I started, I just disputed away with cra. BF had a lot deleted, I didn't get far with mine. I got rid of my addy's and stuff and started to see more results with my reports.

The 1-2 punch is okay, and I am sure works great, just as well as trying with the cra first. I think the idea to dispute with cra first is this. You send dispute to cra, ca has no idea what your doing. They are busy and over worked, and have lots of people to take care of. They miss the deadline to report back that its yours. CRA deletes this account. CA trys to catch up to you down the road.

Now, do ca dv first, you basicly told ca to watch out, here I come. Doing cra first I think gives you an better shot to get it deleted. If ca does verify with cra when you dispute cra first, then send dv letter to ca. Either way, if they dont' report the account as in dispute, its a violation.

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Although a CA has yet to report to a CRA, you can almost bet that they will.

Ruining your credit is the greatest weapon they have in forcing you to pay money. An outstanding collection is a deal breaker for getting the best credit terms and the CAs know that.

So you ought to be fully prepared when the CA does report to the CRAs and be ready to catch them on violations.

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