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Damages and costs to include Paralegal costs?


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I seem to recall reading a thread along these lines, but can't seem to find it now.

If you can document your time spent in researching and learning the laws relative to your case, can you include an $xx times xx hrs item and include it as part of your costs in a small claims suit? The amount of time I've spent crash coursing on credit repair in the last 30-45 days is staggering. At Paralegal rates that figure would easily push my claim above the allowable limits for small claims when added to a couple of violations. Weblogs? Affadavit from the wife supporting my claim of hours spent? Hopefully the filing of the suit alone gets them to blink, but want to have a backup in case I need to actually go to court.

Anybody have a link to someone who has successfully used this tactic?

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