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Willtygart, you are the MAN Thanks!


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:D I want to personallly thank Willtygart for being so helpful with his professional advice for our mortgage nightmare!

We were trying to get a mortgage through a loser mortgage company that told us we were approved, but wouldn't give us a GFE or anything in writing, or any numbers of what we were approved for for 4 WEEKS ! She was never in, never returned our calls, she SUCKED!! But she made us believe our credit was so bad, she was the only one that could help us!

Well, Will came to the rescue, he assisisted me on what our options actually were, and gave me the confidence to do what i needed to do!!

Needless to say, we went with another financing company at a WAY better rate!! And, we had our letter of approval, in 5 minutes!!! We personally went with Wells Fargo and that was taking Will's advice!!

So you people who think there is no hope!! Listen to Willytagart! And Firstsource, and themortgage man, and many others i have encountered. I have only come across good advice on this board!! Thanks a million!

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