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TU reinserted deleted item


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TU reinserted a deleted item they could not verify (so I never did send a DV letter to the CA). I found out when I applied for a loan. I'm not happy. I went online to worthknowing.com to made sure, and sure enough there it was. I know about the law that they have to notify you in writing within 5 business days if they reinsert a removed item.

I'm not sure exactly when they did reinsert it. My last copy of my CR from TU is dated 9/10/03, so somewhere between now and then. Should I start counting from this Monday to make sure, then take action? (btw should you add an additional 5 days to that for mail time?) Should I follow a small claims suit or write them a letter telling them to remove it or I will file suit? Can't they just remove it, then put it back on and notify me in writing? How can I stop them from doing this?

Credit bureaus if they reinsert a removed item from your credit report without notifying you in writing within 5 business days.

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