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Original Creditor is Sears

I had a judgement for almost 2k but it was deleted

Now, CA is showing up on my report. Just came up today.

Then my total debt owed doubled because it shows from Sears and Collection Agency.

Sears' account history shows as 30 days as of 12-1997, 7-1997 so I guess they are past 6 SOL....

can CA collect money if the original creditor is past SOL?? Sears did have a judgement on me but I got it deleted it.

This sucks!!! HELP!!! :( What can I do here? I disputed the CA listing today.

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If they dont renew, I really dont know what happens, but I think it means they can't collect on it. Like I said, its 5 years, so they still have time to do this.

Ask WHYCHAT on that link I gave you, he really knows this stuff really good.

Also, call the court house and see whats going on with it.

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