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Equifax & "Attn: Disputes"

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Pulled my report from Equifax this morning.

Presto!!!! A new account has appeared. ( I disputed the OC tradeline with the CRA's and it was removed last month).

Today a new creditor with a new account number, but the same amount past due. They list the DOLA correctly(past SOL in my state).

Equifax is listing this with the creditor's name followed by "Attn: Disputes".

Any idea what this means????

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Very important that you understand or check to see what the difference is...

You say the original creditor reporting dropped off, but that a new company is showing up now...

Is this another creditor or a collection agency?

It is misleading with the way you now have your question listed.

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Thanks kb,

Sorry I wasn't more clear, I believe I might have a brain cloud.

The new creditor is a not listed as a collection account. Lists as "charged off account, credit card".

SOOOOO, it looks like company listing is OC.

Crapital One is the new creditor listing the account.

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That is interesting... actually a new creditor - Capital One of all things.

Just watch out, you might be seeing a credit card offer in the mail, just to give you warning - what they do is offer you to have clean positive reporting of a new account, but only after you pay the outstanding balance on what they bought up.

Looks like they are, just reporting that you have a dispute on going... or that may have been the status with your prior creditor when they took ownership of this account. So - they are on top of their game.. reporting ahead of time, since they know you will most likely dispute this now.

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Looks like sometime around 3-2005 to the expiration on this account. Every thing after the original creditor's reporting - should expire at the same time, unless you can dispute it off sooner.

At this point go for it on your disputing... try to get that new listing bumped off.

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