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I called the bureau's and told them that i didn't authorize the inquiries and she said okay i'll go in and delete these now and send youa report. Got the report yesterday with 3 deletions instead of 2. I had already had former addresses deleted before doing so, that's how i also had most of my tradelines deleted. Just have bk public record remainding, (2) capitol one cars included in bk, (1) providian-included in bk, Dailmchyrlser-included in bk left on my reports. I wihs i could get these removed now, but i'm going to work on those during CHOD, and that should give me more length of time being discharged, or i may just have some attorney's that i know work to get those deleted before i can. One the public records are deleted would the scores increase or stay at a stand still. Possibly decrease. I have only 5 open in good credit rating student loans and no other credit, until my god-mother had 2 or 3 of her credit cards to my reports. Hopefully the scores would jump pretty quick. As of right now i have Trans union-501, experian-437, bon't know what experian is now since the deletions this week, and Wquifax-542. Waiting on Trans Union and Equifax to come in now.

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