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problems with experian

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i am having problems with experian and transunion. A CC i have thro first permier bank says they are reporting to all 4 CRA's but it only shows up on equifax and experian hasnt been updated for 2 months and transunion it dosnt even show up on there. how do i go about getting them readded and fixed.

on a side note equifax fico have sored up to 614 the highest its ever been since i turned 18 thanks to a student loan and and 2 cc that are being reported since 2000

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I would recommend contacting the Creditor and making them aware that your Equifax credit report is missing this account - if they would be so kind as to fix this matter as well as updating your account on the other CRA listing.

They may have run into a reporting problem with Experian and somehow over looked adding to the other... it does happen.

Right now I have some creditor members - that recently went through some software changes which unfortunately resulted in a few months delay on the reporting... since the new system has some requirements needing to be addressed before they can once again continue their normal reporting.

So just give them a call... they usually don't know of the problem until you ask them to look into the matter.

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