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Sue OC for non-PP?


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OK, so I'm haggling with an OC over a paid CO. Unfortunately it was years ago and I didn't have the sense to negotiate the reporting end of the deal in writing when I paid it off, so it sits as a paid CO, DOLA of 8/2000.

Earlier this month I contacted the OC and brought up the fact that we had verbally agreed on the phone when I paid that it would be reported favorably. Now there is nothing I can do to support this now. Their word against mine and they hold the cards. But what did happen is it prompted them to make some changes with the CRAs as to the reporting. Result was I had re-aging on 2 bureaus, so it ultimately worked in my favor :lol: We just have to "dance the dance" until the realize, either on their own or with the help of a judge, that they are now in the wrong and have to delete.

My question has to do with one of the form letters I got in response to my original letter to them. They stated, "We have found the credit bureau report to be inconsistent with our information". It goes on to state they sent update to the CRAs. What's interesting about this is I didn't send them a report, I have no open account so they have no PP and I don't see any pulls on any of my files. But they did state in that letter that they looked at my report.

It's a weak argument, I'm figuring, but do I pin them with a non-PP violation(they did state it afterall) even though their are no hard or soft pulls from the OC?

Already have the re-age violation, not marking in dispute, and since they haven't responding to multiple letters since that initial one, I'm claiming willful noncompliance.

Thoughts about playing the non-PP card based on this info?

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