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EQ split file- Swede, KB, Sis, Michigangirl ----help!


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I pull PG everyday and get my old deleted address from EQ. Plus when I pulled EQ there was a lot of deleted accounts on them. When I pulled my file online with EQ The file says only 2 accounts No bk's No collections and a FAKO score of 594. Same result when I disputed all items in the CR.

However, when I recieved results of my 9/24 investigation in the mail all accounts and current address was there. The real report has 1 bk, 2 collections, 1 charge-off. So I wanted to pull my score and got a file that does not have an accurate report. It still has that problem. Is this a split file? :?

Now 30 days ago I disputed everything in my credit file and came up with 6 deletions out of 10. Do you suppose they forgot to return my file to normal status?

Where is SWEDE and her friend ROBIN at EQ? Need your help on this one :oops:

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Sounds like a strong possibility on this that you have a split file,

Here is the link which Swede posted recently for contact with Robin:


If you have the ability to call in customer service then do so... and ask them if your file is split, specifically - they should be able to help you without needing Robin on this part.

But, if your file is split... you are looking at the likelihood that all data will be remerged into one file, including past information which had been deleted.

You are going to have to stay put and not access using privacy guard, each of your soft pulls will disrupt what they are trying to do on getting the file put back together depending:

There are several reasons why files are mixed:

1. Conflicting personal information, all the data is yours but there is a difference somewhere that made it look at you as 2 different individuals.

2. Mixed on individuals that share the same name... or some other information between the two are the same. So files are mixed and info is split between the two.

3. The file just becomes so large, that one report can not contain all of the data - so it will split.

They should move right quick to help you on this... but you will have to cease pulling until you know they have completed repairs to the file.

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Vicki was able to take care of the split file for us. Just email robin from the other link. Vicki will respond to you and ask that you call her. You have to quit pulling the reports, it is the cause of the split file. Once she gets it done and back the way it should be, you can ask her to give you a FICO, tell her you have a mortgage or something ridding on this report. She gave us the before and after ficos right over the phone. You will also get an updated report in the mail after she is done. I should take about 3 weeks for her to fix it.

Good Luck

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I am going to contact Vicki and have her look at this. I estimate that I pulled around 30 pulls once a day. The file was fine until I disputed everything in the EQ file. Hum!

Hopefully they can fix everything. Also am demanding that they credit back the $12.95 I usd to get an accurate report from them. Instead there is this ugly file--like a twilight zone file.

Your advise is all too welcomed. Thanks for coming thru gang! :D

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Right now I can't even get into PG...havn't been able to for a week! EEK!!

Same here. I keep getting a "Due to the inactivity on this screen..." error message. Frustrating!

I called tech support but they are telling me that nothing is wrong on their end and they will look into it (even though I have a friend that cannot pull her reports as well with the same message popping up on her screen)

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