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GMAC still on my report!

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I purchased a car back in 1990 and financed it through Gmac. The account had been delinquent, but was paid in full in 1996. This is still showing on my report. Should it come off this year since this is the 7th year or does it start from the first incidence of delinquency. If that is the case, it should have been off the report!! :x

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Did this account charge off before you paid in full? If so it would go 7 years from the charge off date.

If you had delinquencies... the actual delinquencies will come off 7 years from the late listings - making the reporting positive for a bit of time.. depending on how close the late listings where to the actual pay off date.

At the worse it may go 7 years to the pay off date... if the last delinquency was right before it was paid... like paid was 30 days late or something like that which tend to freeze the negative reporting to the pay date.

It really breaks down different ways depending on your situation specifically... to know for sure:

Give the date of last activity showing on the credit report and the status it last reported.

If you know you paid different to what is showing - then please explain and give dates relevant to this... will try to come up with an exact drop off date for you.

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