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Who is this CA from Michigan?


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It mysteriously popped up on my CSC report after the original CA (Collection Company of America) was removed after a dispute.

The only thing the report shows is their address:

CFC Financial Corp.

7027 Miller Drive

Warren, MI 48092-4726


I have been all over MI links trying to find any info about them, but no luck...anyone else heard of them?

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Ok, I'm new to this particular board, but I can help you out with this....check this out.....

Customer Contact: Ms. Sandy Ostler Legal Adminstrative Assistant

Asset Acceptance Corp

PO Box 9064

Brandon, FL 33509

Phone Number: (866) 266-7500

Email Address: carrington@assetacceptance.com

Membership Status: Yes

Type-of-Business Classification: Credit-Collection Agencies

Website Address: www.assetacceptance.com


9940 Franklin Square Dr #4

White Marsh, MD 21236

Local Phone Number: (410) 933-7160

Asset Acceptance LLC

PO Box 44426

Baltimore, MD 21236-6426

most every dispute ends up at the Michigan Address:


POB 2036

Warren Michigan 48090

They also have a Texas address also.

When you try to contact them, you will get a letter from their 'famous lawyer', ..........but I that is a stall tactic.

They will disappear when you fight them........aaah I can tell you some stories

Asset Acceptance are the scum of the earth...they are like the worst of all the CAs out there.

This is another trick that they do also.....

I have a CA with THREE TL's on EX. Two of them are marked at "Creditor cannot locate individual" even though I've been sending them validation letters for the past 45 days. I already have them on FIVE violations, perhaps this is another? Doesn't matter at this point
would that be ASSet Acceptance? Apparently they do that to everyone - I guess you could count it as a violation - false information to a CRA

Enough info?

Are you kidding me!!!! They just updated my credit report overnight as saying "Customer Has Now Located Consumer". This has been updated from "Customer Unable to Locate Consumer".

Please tell me this is another violation. They did NOT however list it as being disputed. It just say that they can find me now!

These people are absolute scum!

Asset Acceptance had my account for two months - they didn't report it to the CRA's till I disputed and asked for validation. Interesting that. They DID however report it as in dispute. Damn I wish they hadn't done that then I could send an intent to sue and offer them a chance to delete and forget it since the violations I have on them right now amount to four times the amoount of fines what the account is actually worth. They also racked up almost $200 of fees and "interest" on the account since they got it, yet can't tell me how all of that got added on since my statement from 2 months ago. I disputed the amount and the account since they keep saying its from target which I have NEVER had a card for.

Ok, so long story short, you must first validate with this company, dispute with CRA(S), keep detailed records, contact AG office for Michigan, if this does not make the TL disappear, contact ACA (yep, they are members!) and they will disappear, but from what I've read, they will make you jump thru all of these hoops before they fade away.

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I have heard of them because they have a gas bill from Mich-Con from almost 7 years ago. I figure when I start on his credit I will get it deleted. I have not looked to find out if they are able to collect in Michigan or not. Sisflomi is from Michigan and is very smart with the laws and where to go. Just wanted to let you know that I have heard of them.P.S. They sent him a notirized computer printout.Yeah right!!! Hope that this helps.

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Hi Guys,

These damn crooks got me too. They bought an SOL account from SBC Michigan. The story goes like this. The account has my old phone number listed so I'm thinking its an old account from Ameritech. Ameritech no longer exist (as a legal company), they were bought out by SBC. I left Michigan March 1998. I recently purchased a new home and was forced to "clean up my act", pay all my bills. Shortly thereafter (08/2003) I noticed a TL from CFC Financial in the amount of 2290 Client SBC Michigan with my old phone# for the account#. I'm like WTF!! The notation, "Creditor could not locate customer" is on all my reports (Equifax, Equifax Mortage Services, Transunion, and Experian).

I sent them a DV on 12/02/2003. I disputed with all credit reports. I'm thinking they will STALL on this one. Technically I never opened an account with SBC Michigan. I know I didn't pay this for at least 3 months prior to my departure. When does the SOL start on this account? CFC Financial is reporting the debt as NEW DEBT -"Opened 08/2003". Any help is Appreciated

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To say they won't sue is wrong. They sued me for $1100 for an account which the SOL had expired. But the stupid judge didn't know what he was doing, so.....I lost. Had a judgement imposed for $100 a month.

Asset didn't come after me either until I disputed and asked for validation. Then when they didn't validate I sent them a letter demanding they remove the entry. That's when I was served notice to appear in court.

Good luck, if you have to go to court with Asset, make sure you have a Judge that knows what he's doing!!!

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I'm willing to travel to MI and fight them if this is the case. I'll keep all receipts and ask for lost wages too. Somebody need to stand up to these @#@#!. I proably can get my cousin (lawyer) to go to court for me. I'll keep my eyes on the local paper for the next 60 days via online to make sure they are not trying to be sneaky about anything. I have all correpsondence from them (proving they know my accurate address) to take to court if need be. Any judge in his/her right mind will see Asset for what they really are..low life scum bags!

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