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when is a debt purchaser an OC? never...right?


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I have a new entry on my CSC report. Collection Company of America was collecting on an old phone bill. Couldn't validate and it fell off...

Now it has shown back up on my report with a new company name:

CFC Financial Corp.

7027 Miller Dr.

Warren, MI 48092-4726

(800) 455-2554

I contacted the Michigan Assistant Licensing Administrator from the Collection Practices Board who I have contacted before about liscenced CA's in theri state. This is the response I got:

There is no collection agency licensed under the name CFC Financial Corp. in Michigan. If this company is practicing third party debt collection in Michigan without a license you will need to contact your local prosecutor. The Department does not regulate unlicensed activity.

If CFC Financial Corp. purchases debt and then in turn collects on it, they are not required to be licensed because at this point they become the creditor. If this is the case you can file a complaint with the Attorney General. For more information on filing a "Creditor Collection Practices" complaint with the AG: http://www.michigan.gov/ag/0,1607,7-164-17331-42077--,00.html

You can also file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission at:


Please contact me with any further questions.

Now...I thought a debt purchaser is still and always considered a 3rd party collection agency...correct? Is it ever NOT the case? I'm guessing that I have more ammunition for deletion, besides the fact that the first CA could not validate, right?

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