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Help with Grandma


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I was talking to my grand mother this weekend and she just so happened to tell me that she has an account with a department store in Louisiana called Abdalla's. She said that the account is probably 50 years old and she has never been late on it :shock: . I am sure that she isn't carrying a balance because she pays all of her bill when they are do and they don't use that card that much since they now live in Texas.

I need to plead with her to make me an authorized user on that account so I can get a big score increase. I am going to find out if that store reports AU's to the CRA's. If so I will be taking my grand mother to lunch real soon :wink: .

It is going to be like explaining calculas to a 3rd grader on why I want to be an AU.

"No granny I really don't need the card, just tell them that I an AU." , "No, it will not be on your credit and I wont go and get anything"

When she said that I was like man that is my meal ticket to the 700's quickly.

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Dawn Monsen is learning all about life on her own as a college student. But, when it comes to her finances, she still relies on her mom and dad. “Before I came to college, my parents decided to give me a credit card in case I needed anything for emergencies and to use for food, any necessary expenses,” says Dawn.

Dawn knows all the perks of using someone else's plastic. But, what she didn't know is the way her parents pay off the bills can affect her credit rating: "I was surprised when I heard that.”

Maxine Sweet, a Vice President at Experian, says as long as your name is on the account, the history will show up on your credit report. This can impact you in one of two ways:

If the charges are paid off on time, it lets you build a positive credit history before you actually have to take full responsibility for the account. “That’s the way many young people get started,” says Sweet.

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