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Maybe A "Fighting Lawyer" At Last!


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Through NACA I found a somewhat local lawyer who told me he is semi-retired and does nothing but consumer fraud and credit reporting violations. He wants to see ALL our mortgage lending paperwork, even though the problems began in 1998. Is double checking to see if delinquencies can be reported after a BK discharge (actually we were never delinquent pre-BK) etc. This is refreshing. When I tried to interest some lawyers in predatory lending and credit reporting, they didn't even seem to know what I was talking about.

He will charge $250 for the first hour and then take it from there. Money we really can't afford, but if it just gives us a chance to finally tell someone the sad story from beginning to end, we will consider it a therapy session. From speaking to him, he is a real crusader for consumers. First lawyer who ever gave me that impression.

We've cleaned up our reports as much as we could, but now with a BK, Foreclosure, possible various lender violations it gets tricky and is way beyond the layman's knowledge. In fact, we may short change ourselves if we try to go it alone.

Our fresh start seems permanently derailed. These lenders chewed us up, spit us out and left us robbed, exhausted, ill and almost dead (as in thinking about ending it all). We have almost nothing--two cars we can't afford to fix, a lawn mower that took over $300 in repairs and still doesn't work, a sofabed that just collapsed and died etc. etc. Surgery and dental work we can't afford etc. Don't mean to go on but if I don't post it somewhere I will crack up.

Just curious, how soon has this "fresh start" actually started for BK folks? We are getting to the point where at our age the likelihood of this happening is growing less with each month.

Sorry for the sob story. But have to get it out of my system. Thanks just for reading this. And keep fighting wrong info on credit reports. Our scores went from about 550-603 to 611-687 since the end of April due to applying what we learned from this and other credit repair boards.

Great work, folks! Just shows what people can do when they get together and share knowledge.

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Hope this lawyer can be of considerable help to you and help you re-coup towards rebuilding. It does take time, with all that is involved in your case.

Most people are looking at a fresh start 2 years outside of bankruptcy... that is when the lenders will go with new mortgage loans that I am aware of. But it takes also rebuilding at least 3 - 5 additional accounts prior to this time so you have payment history logged. Even if it is just secured credit cards or installment loans - just something to get your foot in the door.

Take care,

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