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Are you allowed a certain number of on-line investigations with each CRA? I just got the results from one and wanted to start another with EQ. I got the message:

"We are sorry but we are unable to start a dispute on-line at this time. You may mail or phone in or use e-mail...blah blah blah

What gives?

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I am not sure about Equifax, but I know Experian limits a person to how many can be disputed at once..

If you are dealing with CSC Credit Services (affiliate for Equifax) they have more room for disputing...

But that was funny, cause they give only so many entrys for regular trades verses public records and I helped a friend - dispute online and we used up all of the entrys and started putting some in the wrong spots just to make them all go. Waiting now to see what they make of this part, :-)

So sometimes it takes some creativity!

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DH & I get that sometimes too. I would just wait a day or 2 and see if you can start one then. Before they changed their format they would allow 2 disputes to be going on at the same time. Since they changed the format I have been getting the same message as you have more often than not. Just keep trying & you will get it to go through.

Good luck!


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