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Free EQ report with Fico Score

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Found this link on another forum. Pretty damn cool.

This was my first official FICO score and not PG FAKO score.

my score is 681 with 2 top negative factors being relatively short history (4 years and 7 months) and too many inquiries (4 in the last 12 months).

I am pretty excited actually that even with those 2 factors I am close to 700. Played with score simulator and it said I can be in 741-781 range if I pay down 90-100% of my credit card debt. Another way to inscrease my score is to apply and get approved for a new credit card with $5,000 limit! My score would then be in 701-731 range.

Anyway, this is damn cool thing and I will have to sigh up my wife for this for sure!

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The length of time your accounts have been established is relatively short.

The proportion of balances to credit limits on your revolving/charge accounts is too high.

I know why on this one - DH's 2 AU accounts are driving the score - so I guess it is time to shake them loose!

Heck I only have 3 inquiries total on this report.

Found 3 accounts reporting incorrectly - and should update my employment.

But pretty happy over all... though my mortgage would of drove the score back up, cause earlier this year I was in the 700's.

I just realized what was missing - my car loan!!! Oh well, nothing I can do about that - know the lender does not report to Equifax.

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There are three scores. One for each report.

OK, I dont get it. I fill out the survey and enter the sweepstakes, but no free report. It just kicks me over to the equifax site for a $$$$ report with cc. What am I missing?

It does kick you over to EQ but go ahead and fill in the info and look at the price. It is $0.00.

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Thanks for the link! I just paid for this a couple of weeks ago and had to try it again tonight. It works.. I am pretty much stuck. Wanted to at least hit 600, but the only option the simulator gave me was to get another card and consolidate cards. Still thinking of the AU. I am not gonna be able to get my cc balances down. Honestly, it showed score 583. I know for some this is is low, but I know over time it will get better. This report does not show my monthly payments. And I still don't understand how you have balance with charge off. Thought with the CO balance went to 0.. I do have one inquiry, it was disputed last Thursday.

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Not sure, just know when I clicked in on the right it says to begin the survey... then when you hit submit, it would tell you to correct answers and can't remember from here..

But it is in fine print the next step to continue then I am looking at the application for credit report then it says the cost $00.00

From here it looks misleading that you have just been put into Equifax site, but again in fine print there is a link to view credit report & score. Have to look so carefully when you are going through this part.

And be quick about printing or saving, cause you will get logged out.

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Hey great deal!!!

Now if I could get back to over the 720 I had on Equifax I would be happy once again! :-)

Not to bad, cause I know to me the points still don't matter, just can't get what I want anyway right now.

But that is really great news on yours - definitely been working hard for it.

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