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Deleting Former Addresses

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I am in the process of deleting old addresses (I've moved many times during my life) ... Experian lists almost every address and some addresses appear multiple times with spelling varations ... about 12 different addresses. I have written about one and I called about a different one and they are easily deleted ... I am going slow, so it doesn't seem suspicious.

Question #1: How long should I wait with Experian for each address removal attempt, so I don't raise any eyebrows?

Question #2: TU and Equifax only list my last two residences (my most recent) ... do they automatically delete old addresses ... or are all my former addresses with them (like Experian) and they just don't appear on my consumer report?


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I recently sent a dispute letter to all three CRA's and sent a copy of my DL and a current utility bill. I simply stated you are reporting incorrect information on my report. Please delete

123 anywhere st

your city, ST zip

212 my lane

my town, ST zip

etc., etc., . ....As you can see my the copy of my DL, my address is blah blah blah. EQ and EX both deleted within 5 days. TU hasn't done anything and I dont' know what to do about them.

I asked EX to delete about 10 addresses and to change my name and employer. They didn't give me any problem at all.

EQ deleted 3 old addies.

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Incorrect information is simply incorrect information.

You can dispute all of them at once.

I once had like eight different variations on two addresses. I disputed them all at once and got them all removed.

Everyone is always going to get address variations because whenever a credit application is submitted, the CRA sucks up all that information and plasters it on your credit report resulting in variations and minor mistakes.

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