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B*U*M*P*A*G*E works !!!!


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A lot of people on this board have said how the wonders of removing inquiries from TU & EFX works through daily pulling of the credit file on PG. Well after almost 60 pulls on PG showed up on TU & EFX, but it only bumped 7 from TU real cool. :notworthy: I only have 2 inquiries left on TU so I am done. I will slow my pulls to once a month now. No pulls were done on EFX, but call them and they will take your inquiries off. Just say you did not give anyone pp to pull your reports and you had no know of this.

They will be gone in about 4 hours. :wink:

Now I am on the way to excellent credit with my goal by Christmas in at least two of my files. It is possible folks. Just hang in there! I joined this board in July and have seen things happen than any attorney or credit repair can ever do. Watch the tricks that some people can do evaluate for your situation and give it a try. A new home by June of 2004!!!! 8)

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