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FICO Scores -- 700 Club !!!


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I feel like Waylon Jennings about 15 years ago when he said when recieving a Grammy. Needless to say, he was dressed in tatered cloths and needed a trimming of the beard. He holds it up and says, "Does this mean I made it?"

Well I officially belong to the 700 Club. I had to get some old past collections off the Experian CRA which was holding me down.

So look at these babys.







I am a testament to this site. While not having to come from the doldrums, sub 500, I did have lots of erroneous information on the CRA reports. I also had some medical collections, some lates. I was unable to get any type of decent credit. I slowly, since FEB 1, when I joined, did the things that were recomended by this site. I never had to talk once to an original creditor or collections agency. I also never had to do one DV! I updated name and address to only 1. I disputed, I wrote to OC's. used HIPPA to its full advantage, and PAID full amounts of all true obligations incurred by me that fell through the cracks.

So. thank you all. Kristy especially for having this site. The only thing I have to do now, is pay down my balances, some 5.5% Pulaski balance, [Thanks kb], car loan [i bought a slightly used Caddy], and misc balances that will be gone come springtime and should be in a position to buy a house.

I could get one right now, but I have a stupid lease that has to run its course.

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