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Calling everyone... Providian sent a lawyer to sue me.


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Need help. A lady called representing the Law firm of Lenahan Law Office in Upstate NY on my message machine. I called and she said that Providian was suing me because I did not pay the since 2000. Hum I said you are waiting this long. She said you are still responsible for the debt. I said I need a contract. She said no because if we don't get payment now we are going to sue. She asked for a check by phone for the amount of $654.

I said i don't have that money. She says taht do you have a friend to write the check. I said no. She says well we will sue in the morning and file the papers. How can they do this from NY. Do they have attorneys in L.A. to do this?

I agreed to pay half by Western Union by the close of business day. She said that if i don't see the tracking numbers when you call we will file. So I said I want a deletion of my credit file. She said the OC(Providian) would not do that and will accept paid in full. I said I need this faxed to me tomorrow what you are saying and to call Providian to work out a deletion deal. Don't know if she will. What can I do next. I don't need a lawsuit or a bad mark on my credit. I hate Providian. Are they that hard up for their $400 money. Somethings fishy. Why would a lawyer waster their time on a two hundred dollar retainer?

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OK first off, stop calling them on the phone.

Second off, they can't refuse to send you a contract. Send them a DV letter.

Third, those "law firms" are just collection agencies in disguise.

Fourth, they'll say anything to get you to pay...they have to make it sound as urgent as possible.

Fifth, they probably won't file against you, not for 654 dollars...it'll cost them more than that in attoney fees

Sixth STOP TALKING TO THOSE SCUM ON THE PHONE (I felt that needed reiterating)

Seventh, if you absolutely insist on settling up with them without even checking to see if they can validate the debt, make sure you get it all in writing that that's payment in full, and that they won't sell the remainder of the debt to someone else.

Eighth, YOU JUST SAID YOU'RE IN CALIFORNIA(took me a minute to grasp the importance of that). Statute of limitations of California is 3 years on this sort of thing. When is the date of last activity? Unless it's November or December of 2000, the statute of limitations has run its course, and they CAN'T sue you. And if that's the case, don't even send them a DV, just send them a C&D and forget they ever existed.


Tenth, you owe me a beer.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is Xan's top 10 list.

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According to the CRA's the reports say TU: closed 9/2000

EQ: 4/00 so their is some discrepencies here on last actvity for Providian. I believe it was into 1999 that this was last actvity from what I recall. I don't have these people's address. Need info on Lenaham Law Office.

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Think you'll be interested in this one...


Lenahan listed #3 of the World's Worse Collection Agencies, or something like that. Obviously they can't be trusted in any way, shape or form.

Found this through Why Chat's site.... lots of good info there! :)


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Think you'll be interested in this one...


Lenahan listed #3 of the World's Worse Collection Agencies, or something like that. Obviously they can't be trusted in any way, shape or form.

Found this through Why Chat's site.... lots of good info there! :)


Use this jean to put links

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And it will look like this BBB

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Do you really think they're going to waste the time and effort to come after you for $600? It would cost them more to pay someone to take you to small claims than to just write it off.

Second, CA's will tell you anything! They are liars and scum of the earth. Never believe anything a CA tells you.

Third, don't call them and get caller ID on your phone. If it's an unknown number or an 800# it's probably a CA, don't answer the phone. They'll give up in time.

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Lenahan Law Office****

85 North Point Dr. #G

Williamsville, New York 14228

Bud Says...



(Buffalo,Williamsville, Amherst,Clarence and Rochester,NY)

Seventy two year old John Daniel Lenahan does NOT collect debts. He retired from law practice years ago. His daughter Danielle Lenahan, of Snyder, NY does NOT practice debt collection law. Father and daughter are part of this illegal conspiracy to rip consumers off by renting out his name and his law license. He rents his law license to a group of thugs that will lie, threaten, and intimidate consumers.



The Lenahan (rent-a-law) Office also conning consumers as Munson (rent-a-law) Office is also located in Amherst, NY. This is an illegal collection agency being run by the following future in-mates of the New York State Prison System:


DOUGLAS J. MCKINNON, Clarence, NY, Head Debt Collector, Scam Artist, Con Man, Leader of the group, making more money than a drug dealer!

GREGORY MCKINNON, partner, brother to Doug, UNINDICTED co-conspirator,

JACK SORTINO, PARTNER, Con man, and (as yet) UNINDICTED co-conspirator

JIM MCKINNON, Tonawanda, (cousin) partner UNINDICTED co-conspirator

MARK BOHN,Owner, co-conspirator also (as yet) UNINDICTED

ROBERT VANDERMARK, partner, (as yet)UNINDICTED co-conspirator,


MICHAEL MANCONE (as yet) UNINDICTED of Depew, NY. A 23 year old punk collector who LOVES to pose as a police officer, attorney, sheriff's deputy, constable, marshal, or other law enforcement officer.He carries the title of "Senior Legal Representative" which is supposed to impress you, when you call(HOWEVER MICHAEL CAN'T EVEN SPELL IT. Michael allegedly commits felonies on a daily basis to collect debts. He is ½ step away from spending years in the New York State prison system. He likes to lift weights and work out, so prison may be JUST what he needs. Michael lives with his mother and girlfriend in Depew, NY, where he lies to family & friends about his job. Michael has an ego to match his mouth, which operates in over-load most of the time. If you THINK you are being called by someone in law enforcement, regarding Lenahan Law Offices, it is probobley Michael Mancone (high on steroids??) desperately trying to con you out of your money, to fulfill his habits. Help Michael end his career of violating the law by recording his threats (where legal) and contacting me. Your name and information WILL be kept in confidence AND HIS PARANOIA WILL GET worse!

There are other illegal collectors working for Lenahan using the title; 'Senior Legal Representative' which is violation of federal law. One such con artist is Michael Paliena at extension #646. Michael is NOT a senior legal representative, he is ONLY a "Junior Debt Collector" who uses threats of legal actions to con you into sending him monies, he is NOT entitled to. Under provisions of federal law, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, it is illegal to give a conumer the impression you are working with, or associated with an attorney, when you are not. Since Attorney Daniel J. Lenahan is retired and does NOT have an office at this collection agency, Michael Paliena's assertion of a 'legal representative' are false and misleading and can be construed as a direct violation of federal laws, with appropriate remedies.

I urge you to record these calls (where legal) so that criminal charges can be used against future inmates like Michael Paliena and his co conspirators.Do NOT send Michael Paliena any money, you will NOT be sued, have your wages garnished or have ANY lehal actions taken against you. Michael Paliena, like most other Lenahan debt collectors is a liar and a con man!!


Daniel J. Lenahan, is retired from the practice of law. He lives with wife Pauline and daughter Danielle in their Snyder, NY residence. Lenahan is ILLEGALLY renting his law license to McKinnon and Company, where they buy charged-off accounts from organizations like Providian Bank for pennies on the dollar. The Buffalo New recently did a story on how these scavenger-debt buyers are ripping off consumers, as well as the suppliers of these debts. McKinnon is opening offices all over the Western New York area,including Buffalo, Williamsville, Amherst and Rochester, with employment levels hitting 500 or more. Collectors are told to represent themselves as the law offices of J. Daniel Lenahan, which is ILLEGAL under New York State law.


It is ILLEGAL under federal law, for a debt collector to threaten actions (such as lawsuits, wage garnishments, seizure, etc.) that cannot or is not normally taken. Since NO attorneys actually work in the Lenahan Law Offices and NO suits are EVER filed, future convicts like Michael Mancone can be held liable for their illegal debt collection practices.

John Daniel Lenahan apparently is hurting financially to have gotten in so deep with this illegal group of future prisoners. Anyone receiving calls from collectors representing to be the law offices of Lenanhan need NOT send any money. You will NEVER be sued, have your wages garnished.

You can expect to have 'steroid-freaks' like Michael Mancone posing as an law enforcement officer threatening you with arrest or civil lawsuit. Call Michael at:800-296-1466, or *69-716-564-1212, ext #123 to see who he is impersonating today.

These are CON-MEN desperate to make a paycheck at your expense. Send the FREE cease-comm letter and get rid of them.Their fax number is: 716-633-2584. Record their calls (if you legally can) so criminal charges can be brought against Mancone and the others. Let's send them to prison sooner, rather than later.

Report ALL violations to the New York State Bar and the Erie County District Attorney's Office in Buffalo, NY and the New York State Attorney Generals Office in Buffalo.

Let's take Mark Bohn, Douglas McKinnon and his co-conspirators out of his red corvette and into Orange Jumpsuits where they belong.



Report all problems regarding Lenahan & Munson to the

New York State Bar at:

Attorney Grievance Committee

295 Main Street

Suite 1036

Buffalo, NY 14203

(716) 858-1190

Contact me at: budhibbs@budhibbs.com if you need additional assistance, or referral to a consumer attorney

There is always someone who knows something, hmmmm wonder if this woman was the one who threatened you :twisted:

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