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Leroy's Jewelry keeps changing status date and BK date


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What do I do about that? Every month when my credit report comes in on Experian, they have changed the status date and Bk date to the present month. The BK was filed in 12/98 and this debt was included. Most recent credit report states BK discharged 09/20/03.. Status date shows 09/03. Also every time they do this my score takes a hit, 4 points usually. What do I need to do??? Thanks/

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Boy if you get that one solved, I would love to hear about it! I had one TL (providian) that changed status and BK dates EVERY time I disputed it. Ultimately, they pulled my CR, took that BK date and state now that they verify it! In speaking with the idiots there, they claim not to have that info on file. I told them and EX that you Providian CAN"T use a bureau pull to verify a BK and date on their acct. If they do not have that info in house, they have to delete.

No success in getting that TL deleted. Worse yet, I show EX that EQ shows PAA - never late and they still say Providian's word is good enough for them! BS!! :evil:

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There are different dates for different things on the credit report... want to make sure you are mis interpeting the wrong one here.

The only date on the actual bankruptcy that counts towards the reporting is the File Date - will be 10 years from then that it comes off of the credit report. And if you say 12/98 is when you filed that is what you should see.

There is also a Status Date, usually this date reflects when the bankruptcy was discharged, but I guess if you had at any time between now and then disputed this account, it might reflect the last time it was verified with the CRA from the independant source for the court house.

The tradeline account you refer to having been included should show -

Open Date on account

Last Activity Date - should be last paid date

Reported date - this is the last time that the creditor updated the credit reporting agency about the status of the account.

* This date in no way is suppose to affect the credit score, suspected that sometimes it does though.

Depends on how you are trying to resolve this problem, you have a few choices here..

1. To dispute this account as not yours, and keep trying to see if you get fortunate to bump off all together from the credit report.

2. If you can't get it off, then you might concede to forward bankrutpcy papers - showing the CRA what is correct reporting on this matter. Just the Schedual F is nessassary for this part.

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What were you disputing... not mine / or something other?

You might have to give a break and try over christmas time as not mine see if you might be lucky at that time.

If they keep messing with that file date - then you might be forced to forward them discharge and filing form to show the right date.

Or you can go back and dispute incorrect filing date specifically.

Sometimes them reps at the CRAs are not working with a full pack!

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