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Anyone heard of the eufora card?

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Your application has been submitted

Thank you for your application, additional processing is required.

The decision on your application should reach you in 7 to 10 working days.

If you have any questions, please call us at: 866-866-6278

I went ahead and applied just to see what might happen. There is very little differences in the 3 cards they offer, so I went with just the basic one for $29.95.

I cannot participate in the referral income opportunity since I already work for Wells Fargo, and it would be a conflict of interest.

I will post my results as I get them (probably declined and get my $29.95 back).

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I applied STRICTLY to get another CL to lower my utilization %.

I have no interest in the income opportunity. I figured that if I was approved, $29.95 would be a pretty inexpensive way to secure a CL right now. If not approved, I get it back.

I also opted to NOT be approved for the "pre-paid" card. I just don't need it. But it DID look like a cool way for the credit-challenged to start building some credit with TransUnion. Here's the email I got that explained the benefits of such a card (again, I am not yet a card-carrying member - just passing on information).

Thank you for your interest in Eufora, The Income Opportunity Card.

While reviewing your application we noticed that you have elected not to

obtain a pre-paid card (in the event that you are unable to qualify for a

credit card).

Although your application is still processing, we would like to take this

opportunity to inform you of our pre-paid option. We, at Eufora, offer the

pre-paid option to those that are unable to have credit extended by our

banking partner. Because we value your membership, we wanted to ensure that

you are able to continue your participation and benefits of the Eufora

Affiliate Member Network.

Please note that electing the pre-paid option will not affect your ability

to obtain a credit card. Our banking partner is currently processing your

request. We just wanted to be sure that you were aware of the pre-paid

option if our banking partner is unable to extend credit.

With the pre-paid card, you can also elect to participate Eufora's

revolutionary new Credit Builder program that offers everything you want in

a credit card, without all the interest charges and high fees. With Eufora

Credit Builder, you are no longer limited to high fee and interest, "bad

credit" credit cards! The Eufora pre-paid MasterCard Card with Credit

Builder, is the ONLY pre-paid card that helps you build or rebuild your

credit! The Eufora pre-paid card, with Credit Builder, reports your monthly

payment history to Trans Union, one of the country's largest credit

reporting agencies.

Please reply to this email to let us know if you would like to take

advantage of our pre-paid option and continue your membership in the Eufora

Affiliate Member Network.

As a reminder, here is a brief overview of the Eufora Affiliate Network

Income Opportunity, as well as some of the benefits of becoming a Member.

You can also find this information at the following URL:


Once approved, at their option, Members of the Eufora Affiliate Network have

the opportunity to earn annual income by referring others to apply for the

Eufora card. For example, by paying your $99.95 annual fee and referring

ten others that are approved for a Eufora card, you could potentially

receive $900 annually in Referral Fees. As well, just by using your Eufora

card, you can be automatically entered into our monthly New Car Sweepstakes

for every $100 you spend on your card. Details can be found at:


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