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What exactly is bumpage. I have searched this sight and have not been able to find anything that clearly states how or where I can do this. Any help would be great.

This is bumpage http://www.debt-consolidation-credit-repair-service.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=3838

and you can do it by pulling your report from www.privacyguard.com(removes from EQ and TU), www.worthknowing.com (removes from TU) and www.equifax.com (removes from EQ) It will place soft inquiries on your report bumping off old hard ones. Nothing works on EX unfortunately.

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I have the Creditwatch feature for Equifax (soon to be expired). When EQ changed to the "new" format, they got rid of all my pulls. I have been pulling every day since and was at the point to receive bumpage again. Then, three days ago, EQ removed all of my pulls again and I am back to square one. Can they legally remove the soft inquiries that are generated by my pulling my own report??

Thanks :?:

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