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CSC is EVIL!!!!

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OMG!!! xSteaminx I am SO pi$$ed right now. CSC keeps giving me the run around about my current student loans getting updated. The operator today told me that they would have until November 18th!!! to finish the investigation. I don't think so! I faxed the letter from my lender to them on October 3. Was told they were fixed on Oct. 7th. Found out that was BS on Oct. 9th. Called them several times last week and was told it would be taken care of asap. I am going to be a pain in their a$$ until I get results. I demanded to speak to a supervisor, but they always seem to be on another line. They don't return calls left on their voicemail, either. I just got hung up on because I wanted a supervisor and refused to take no for an answer.

When I told her it hadn't been fixed, she insisted "how do you know they haven't been?" Because she wouldn't discuss dispute results over the phone, it's company policy she sad. Then I said, "is that a law?" Yes ma'am she said. Whatever!

As soon as they pick back up, I am going to ask to speak to a supervisor immediately and ask if it is company policy to hang up on consumers with ligitimate concerns about their credit report. This NEVER should've said past due in the first place, because according to my lender, they never reported it that way.

Oh, and one more thing...this woman told me that the CRA having 5 days to contact the creditor once a dispute is underway is false. Am I mistaken about that or was she full of it?

On hold and xSteaminxxSteaminxxSteaminx right now. I have mortgage apps riding on this xhotx

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I just got off the phone from 3 phone calls, 1 back to CSC and 2 to my lender. My frickin' eyes are burning with tears now damn it!

CSC told me, it's your lender. They verified the accounts as past due.

Lender tells me, it's CSC/EQ. They haven't verified anything or received anything from EQ since the dispute I did in July. On the second call, I was given another number, the lady told me "well, you can't get a mortgage because that's what happens when you are late. Even if you get the accounts updated, you were 120 days within the last year and that is what is harming your score, not that it is saying past due." What a bitch! I was late last year around X-mas and then did forebearance, brought them current and set up easy pay. Been current since.

I really haven't gotten any where now and I feel like crap now, too :cry:xrainx If I can find a way to sue CSC, they are next on my hit list.

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We need to bring them all down. Timber got a hold of someone at CSC that seems to be helping. I will go look up that post and see if there is anything there that might help you.

Are you saying that the lender told you its "too bad"? I would so be ticked off and be gettin that persons super on the phone.

What does your letter from the lender say that you faxed to eq?

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Ms. Dahlen (Not sure of spelling)


When they answer, let them know you need to speak with her. They will forward the telephone. She may answer or you need to leave a message. Be nice, [Wouldn't you hate her job?], explain the facts in chronological order, what you did, and what you think may be the problem. I left a message. with Ms. Dalen, who called me back the next day.

She said she would review the information. I won't check untill Friday to see if it is resolved.

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I just spoke to a woman named Joy yesterday that I had talked to before last week and she keeps agreeing to help me. She sent the matter to maintence to be updated and was shocked yesterday when she saw in the file that it had not been updated yet already.

The woman who hung up on me, her name was Valerie. I called back that afternoon when I collected myself and got her on the phone, after I looked up some laws in the FCRA. I started firing them off at her. She quickly was like "mmmm, ok. Let me put you through to a supervisor." To which I replied "what's the point, it's a waste of time" and hung up on her! It sure felt good too after the day I'd had.

You know, she asked me"I don't understand why you're being so difficult about this ma'am." I was like "uh because I am trying to buy a house any day now and Jesus Christ this never should've been this way in the first place and you are being NO help to me!" What did she expect me to say, "oh that's ok that your companies mistake is totally tanking my credit score and keeping me from my dreams. Just take your sweet a$$ time fixing it, I have all the time in the world." :roll: I don't think so.

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