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Calling everyone from CT, CA, FL, RI, WV, IN and LA.

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The Class Action "Fairness" bill may be coming up this week for a vote (perhaps as soon as Wednesday). Briefly, this bill is a real crock that is backed by insurance companies and others in corporate America. The bill would require most class actions to be decided in Federal Court rather than state courts. It would also give defendants two appeals in every case instead of one (but plaintiffs would get only one appeal). If this bill passes, there is no question that consumer rights would seriously be jeopardized.

Although this bill is plainly unfair, over 500 lobbyists have been hired to convince senators to support it. Senators Feinstein (CA), Lieberman (CT), Dodd (CT), Byrd (WV), Bayh

(IN), Landrieu (LA), Reed (RI), Nelson (FL) are all said to be on the fence.

Here is a site you can go to and send a fax to your senators. If you are from one of the above states, it is very important that you are heard. Even if you are not from one of these states, it would help to have a groundswell of support. Only takes two minutes but it could make a real difference.


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I am very happy to report that the Senate has just rejected a motion to proceed on the class action bill. This means that the bill will not go to the Senate floor for debate or passage. I have heard that the motion was rejected by a single vote!

Much thanks to all of you who wrote your senators asking them to vote against this horrible bill. You have done yourselves and all consumers a huge favor.

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