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Old Debt Question


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I received a dunning letter from a CA for a medical bill from 01-98. The amount is $355.37. I called them back in May when I got the letter and told them the amount was paid by insurance and to not call me again unless they could prove I owed it. The reported it to CRA as DOLA/OPENED 10/2002.

I have disputed this with Experian (only one it's reported on) and they verified it. I have just sent them a request to reinvestigate it for two reasons, PAID IN FULL PRIOR TO COLLECTIONS and RE-AGED BY CA TO DAMAGE MY CREDIT IN RETRIBUTION.

QUESTION 1-Do I need to write the CA a cease and desist?

QUESTION 2-The weird thing is the amount is now showing as $0.00 online, and account shows on Experian paper credit report as follows:


Your comment: Account in dispute under Fair Credit Billing Act

This item was verified on 09-2003 and remains unchanged.

Any ideas on what I should/should not do would be appreciated.

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