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Here are some links to sample letters. Modify the letters for your particular situation.

Credit Info Center

The Nutcase Letters

These are used for paid ceditors or chargeoffs.

Cease Communications

If the account is within SOL, you may not want to use this letter. If the collector cannot contact you, they may file lawsuit. Use a limited cease and desist allowing the collector to contact you in writing only.

You do not have to sign a Debt Validation letter. Some members have posted stories of CA's using a signature on DV letter to create false documents for collection. Nothing in the FDCPA requires a consumer to sign a DV letter.

A member suggested starting a letter with Your Last Name vs. Collection Agency to make them believe you are serious about intent to sue.

Another item you can add to letters if a creditor assigns an account to several different CA's after you send DV to CA, or in the case where CA has many subsidiaries and passes the account around. Puts them on notice that once they receive validation, the prinipal must inform all assigns that it applies to them also.

Notice to Principal is Notice to Agent.

Notice to Agent is Notice to Principal.

Applies to ALL successors and assigns.

If you get letter from CRA claiming you used credit repair company, you can add this above your signature:

I swear (or affirm) that the information contained in this letter is true, complete, and accurate to the best of my knowledge and belief having personally supplied the information contained in this letter.

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Posted by Fn_Rog:

I would like to thank Capital One for helping me re-establish my credit after I filed for bankruptcy in [xxxx]. Today, I am successfully managing and maintaining [x] separate accounts with Capital One. However, while applying for mortgage re-financing, a review of my credit reports revealed some troubling information. Two of my [x] Capital One accounts are listed under the "derogatory accounts" section with the 3 major credit reporting agencies for one 30 day past-due payment over 2 years ago. According to the credit reports, my two Capital One accounts aren't scheduled to return to a positive status until 2008. The first account in question [xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx] has 8/2001 listed as the month the 30 day late occurred. I'm not quite sure this is accurate, as my July billing statement had a due date of Aug. 4th, 2001, and my next payments were received on Aug. 6th, 2001 and Sept. 3rd, 2001. The second account, [xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx], has 4/2001 listed as the past-due month. Although I do see where my April payment was received 32 days past the March 24th due-date, I don't feel that an adverse notation from 2001 accurately reflects my current account status, or that 5 years of continued timely payments should be required to exhibit my credit worthiness positively.

Attached, for verification, you will find a copy of the two tradelines in question, as they appear on a recent TransUnion credit report. I am hoping, after a review of my accounts in question, you would consider removing the late payment notation, returning my accounts to a positive status, by noting them as "pays as agreed - never late" with Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion.

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Didn't know if I should send this to someone specific.

I was clicking the links above and a couple are no longer avail or have changed.

credit report rights NA

whychat's website changed - main site is

has links to the letters listed in above post

Thought this ight help others with their searches.


a newbie

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