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Hello everyone.

I have 3 negative TL's on both EX and TU reports from AMERICAN AGENCIES. The info is dead wrong on the report and one of them is obviously a duplicate account (amount, dates) but the in house ref.# is different.

Anyhow, lots of people on this board have had problems w/ this company and I've been reading quite a bit about them on other sites as well.

For anyone who wants help deleting them from your report this info may help you.

Their current "corporation status" is SUSPENDED. This site updates it's info each week.

Also they have a pretty terrible reputation w/ the BBB too.

Now, I'm not sure how useful this suspension is in regards to disputing, but I would think that in this case, they shouldn't be able to do very much in the way of operations until that is cleaned up. I'm going to start the process w/ them this week as I've been working on other TL's lately and just getting to this one.

Do any of the experts here have an opinion or knowledge about this company and it's current status? Do you think that this info would help in our disputes w/ them and the CRA's???

I know that they seem to collect mostly for PacBell. However, PacBell is now SBC and American Agencies also does or used to go by ADVANCED COLLECTION SYSTEMS as well.

One last thing, while researching their status I found this site as well.

This lady seems to have a pretty big case against them and others.

Thanks again for all of the help!

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Apparently American Agencies has a new name, filed with CA. That's Torrence Business Associates. The funny thing it still shows the same great Sheri Condilla as process agent.

I've had a continuing problem with them, have filed complaint with the FTC etc. Never heard anything at all They did update their tradeline as disputed, for all the good that means. I've Dv'd them still waiting for response, the first time I foolishly sent it 1st class mail rather than the cmrr. Hopefully I'll be able to be finally done with them. They haven't contacted me at all for their debt, but to date they have doubled the orig. amount to reflect almost 200 bucks more than orig debt. From what I've read this compnay pretty much takes the cake for scum dogs that need to be tracked down by the FTC and closed.

Anybody have success getting them off their reports? Especially since American Agencies doesn't have any kind of licence I can find, not to mention they aren't licenced in Oregon from what I can find. OR requires licence from what I recently found

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